The main activity of TEU CONSERVICES when it was founded in 1978 was the offer of services like inspection, repair, cleaning, refurbishment and maintenance of all types of marine freight containers. Through the years, TEU CONSERVICES was established as one of the biggest companies for container services in Middle East.

Today, TEU CONSERVICES owns a fully equipped container workshop inside the Limassol port and it is the only Cypriot company whose container service is certified and in full compliance with all national and international regulations.

Also, it’s the only company in Cyprus that has a shot – blasting chamber for reconditioning 20’ and 40’ containers.

These are the reasons why the biggest shipping companies that use Cypriot ports co-operate with TEU CONSERVICES.

Today TEU CONSERVICES offers the following container services:

  • Inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repair of all types of marine containers.
  • Inspection, PTI, repair and monitoring of marine reefer containers.
  • Re-examination of CSC safety approval.
  • Refurbishing of all types of containers.
  • Sale, leasing and purchase of all types of second – hand containers.