1Are there any restrictions concerning the dimensions of the prefabricated houses?
No. The prefabricated houses can be consisted of one or more parts that are transported separately and assembled on site. Therefore, it’s reasonably easy to achieve the requested dimensions or shape of the prefabricated house.

2How long does it take for the construction of a prefabricated house?
The time for the development and delivery of a prefabricated house can differ based on its size and layout. More often than not it can take 2 – 5 weeks.

3How is the transportation made?
The transportation is made by a special lorry that is also equipped with a crane. In case the lorry can not move toward the spot you want to place the prefabricated house, the unloading can be made with a bigger crane.

4Can you deliver all over Cyprus?
Yes. We can deliver and install the prefabricated houses anywhere in Cyprus as long as there is a road.

5Is there an extra charge for the transportation?
The transportation and unloading cost (with an extra crane if required) are not incorporated in the standard price. The cost depends on the location of the installation site.

6Do I need to make any preparations to the site before the installation of the prefabricated house?
It is preferable to construct a concrete base of approximately 15 – 20cm in order for the prefab to be leveled.

7How can I acquire electricity supply for my prefabricated house?
Provided that the location you want to place the prefabricated house is covered by EAC’s network, EAC can supply you with electricity without any special permits. Other ways to acquire electricity are the use of a generator, photovoltaic plates (solar power) or connection with an existing electricity supply.

8How resilient are the prefabricated houses against weather conditions?
All of the raw materials used for our constructions are of high quality and weather resistant, and they come with all the relevant certificates. Also, all steel components are galvanized, as a result offering long time protection against rust.

9What are the advantages of your prefabricated houses compared with other companies’?
The advantages of our prefabricated houses are: All windows are double glazed, with rolling PVC shutters and mosquito nets (Italian origin). Reinforced galvanized frame with the least possible welding. 50mm thick, high density and self-extinguishing (class B2) polyurethane insulated panels. The electrical installation is in accordance with the latest EAC regulations (16th edition). A free 30 litter electrical water heater (when there is a shower included).

10What are the payment terms? Are there any payment facilities offered?
There is a 30% deposit with the order and settlement of account upon delivery and inspection of the prefabricated house. Payment facilities can be offered through all Cypriot trade banks.

11Where can I see some samples? Do you have any showrooms in Cyprus?
All prefabricated houses are constructed at our factory in Limassol. But, we also have showrooms / agents in Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos and Paralimni. For additional information you can contact our main offices.

12How can I acquire a planning permision for my prefabricated house?
Our Company’s constructions are in full compliance with planning regulations. We cooperate with an architect who undertakes the architectural drawings, static calculations, insulation analysis, etc, as well as the whole procedure for the issuance of the planning permits. You can contact us for addditional information.