Mini Kitchens
The furniture is made of Bakelite 18mm wrapped with PVC-ABS and it includes:

  • Refrigerator 4* 140lit. Energy Class A.
  • Cooker-hood with charcoal filter (no need for exhaust).
  • Hob with 2 European Rapid plates (automatic with thermostatic) 1500 watt & 2000watt.
  • Stainless steel sink (with drainer place to drip dishes).
  • Tap (hot-cold).
  • INOX plate holder with a plate underneath the plate holder to collect the spilled water.
  • INOX basket for cutlery and INOX bar for towels etc.
  • Pipes.
  • Rubbish bin.
  • A roll top which is pulled down and hides everything behind making the mini-kitchen wonderful, invisible and capable to be located in any place.
  • Pieces of stainless steel to protect the mini-kitchen from the spoilt water, perimetric from the sink in height of 31 cm.
  • Sheet of aluminum at the bottom of the cupboard of the sink for absolute protection form spoilt water.
  • BIG ADVANTAGE: Each piece of mini-kitchen is individual and separated with other parts. Consequently it can be sent anywhere with very low cost and if any piece of mini-kitchen get damaged, it can very easily and cheaply be fixed by replacing only the specific part of mini-kitchen not the whole kitchen. By this way you can have a wonderful, new and attractive kitchen for ever
  • Mini-kitchen is available in 8 colours (white, grey, anigre, beech, cherry tree, oak, walnut tree, vegge)
  • Mini-kitchen is available in 2 dimensions (125 x 204 x 65cm or 105 x 204 x 65cm) and additional extra cupboards (65 x 204 x 65cm , 55 x 204 x 65cm and 45 x 204 x 65cm ).
Dimensions Width Height Depth
CODE KS 125 125 cm 204 cm 65 cm
CODE KS 105 105 cm 204 cm 65 cm
EXTRA CUPBOARD 65 65 cm 204 cm 65 cm
EXTRA CUPBOARD 55 55 cm 204 cm 65 cm
EXTRA CUPBOARD 45 45 cm 204 cm 65 cm

Folding Beds

  • Aiming at a comfortable sleep, based on orthopedic and anatomic design.
  • Mattress
  • Roll top in the façade.
  • Bakelite 18mm with PVC.
  • Easy to carry solution, saves space and can also be used as a furniture, stand for a TV or other decorative items.

Mini Bars

  • Dimensions L = 60cm, W = 60cm, H = 60cm.
  • Bakelite 18mm with PVC.
  • Roll top in the façade.
  • Zanussi refrigerator Energy Class A.
  • Ideal for hotels, apartments and houses, offering an easy and cheap solution for treating your guests.
  • Available in various colors.